Yagull, Kai, 2015

yagull - kaiWell, this release of MoonJune certainly turned out to be surprising. Whereas most of their releases are in the Jazz, Fusion, Prog field or a combination of those, this release is something completely different. Based around Sasha Markovic on guitar, bass and percussion, and Kana Kamitsubo on piano, Kai is a very intimate sounding album that is simply wonderful from start to finish. Some songs have guests that are familiar MoonJune names, but centre stage is for named duo.

Their brand of instrumental music is very accessible, a delightful palette of moods and melody. Take for instance their take on 2 famous classic rock songs, Burn by Deep Purple and Wishing Well from the Free. Unrecognisable to some extent, but yet so familiar and convincing. The other 10 tracks are originals, with 2 of them reworked versions of earlier work. They master their instruments to such extent that it is almost like they speak to you directly. Great tone and vibes all around. A song like Z-Parrow reminds a bit of old Jethro Tull because of the added flute. But with or without outside contributions, this album will appeal to anyone that takes the time to listen to it. This defies genre tagging, this is music that goes straight for the heart and the soul. Simple as that, so fully recommended!