Yargos, Magical Karma, 2012

yargos - magical karmaRecently I posted about the first Yargos album, which I happen to enjoy a whole lot! So with high anticipation I put new release Magical Karma in the player and started listening. And where the 2005 album struck a connection right away, this 2012 album proved a much more difficult affair. Almost as if it was too clever for it´s own good.

But I am not one to give up easy so persisted in listening. After all, it is the final album where the mighty voice of Mac can be heard. A much more complex album, so you will need more time to connect to the melodies. Where previously the keyboards enriched the songs and added a fresh touch, here we get an almost overproduced album with bucket loads of harmony vocals, riffs, style switches and sonic traits. And under that plethora of ideas those famous vocal melodies are waiting for you to discover them. Because make no mistake, Mac still shines here, even if you have to work harder to reach the beauty.

And when slowly put surely the pieces fall together, you realize they have done it again. In many ways an unique album, not easy to digest, but one that will keep you interested in hearing it for years to come. So no formulaic 3 minute pop, but intense and demanding music. If you are up for the challenge ánd the reward, get it at all costs….