Yargos, To Be Or Not To Be, 2005

yargos - to be or not to beThe late Mac (Andrew McDermott – Threshold, Sargant Fury) is too good a voice to ever be forgotten. That is why I decided to pay some more attention to the man in the form of this not so recent release of Yargos, with To Be Or Not to Be. Which was at the time supposed to become his next band, after returning to Germany.

Besides Mac we find amongst others Peter Pichl (Running Wild), and Andy Kienitz (Human Fortress). In many ways this is a truly progressive disk. Obviously rooted in the progressive metal genre, but because of the arrangements, with heavy emphasis on keyboards besides the typical metal guitars, the end result is quite mind blowing. Especially when Mac opens his mouth. The way he manages to keep it all melodic, despite all that is happening in and around his parts, great! And reminds me how much I miss his singing.

So with songs touching upon many genres (from jazzy, to ambient, to electronic to AOR, to heavy metal), we have a very versatile yet highly entertaining album. Convincing from start to finish. If you never picked it up, please do. It is very much worth it.

To round it up: good news is on it´s way as the band is about to release their new album Magical Karma. Let´s find out where time has taken them…


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