Yes, Fly From Here, 2011

Yes - Fly From HereWhat do you call a band, that exchanges band members like other people change underwear, and still manage to sound like nothing ever changed at all? Well, the obvious answer of course is Yes. Here joined by the great Benoit David (Mystery, check them out!) on vocals and Geoff Downes (Asia) on keyboards. And wait, Trevor Horne is producing…. So we have part of the Drama line up back (an underrated album if you ask me). Or is this an upgraded version of The Buggles? Madman At The Screens sounds like an amalgam of those two. So is it a question of ” the more things change, the more they stay the same” ?

Well the easy part is saying yes (pun intended). After all, it is rather uncanny how much this sounds like the band, no matter what incarnation of it. Yet, I cannot say this is not viable. The only man to be part of all things Yes, Chris Squire, is still a part of it (duh!). And Alan White on drums and Steve Howe on guitar are of course no strangers to the band and the sound either.
Most important, I really like listening to this. I like that it is comfortable, without becoming predictable. They are just so damn good at what they do. It never feels like a cash in, it is much to playful for that. Yes are known for their musicianship, so no exceptions here. Their sound is bigger than who is on board I guess, so if you liked them in the past, you will dig this surely as well. For me, I like this any day of the week!