Yonrico Scott, Life Of A Dreamer, 2016

yonrico scott - life of a dreamerHaving some extra free time at the end of the year means I can try to catch up on recent releases. And in this case it is the fourth (yet first for me) album from Yonrico Scott, also long time drummer for the Derek Trucks Band and Royal Southern Brotherhood.

So what can we expect from a musician with that pedigree? Whatever you’re thinking, I am not sure you are getting the whole picture of what is on offer here. Being the principal writer, drummer and also producer of this album, you can bet your ass that the drum sound on this is excellent. Very natural and not compressed to the max. So all those little details lay clear in the mix, without the drums taking centre stage. Because this is an album about feel, groove and melody. With a very nice warmth radiating from the tracks. The work of someone that loves what he does and puts music and songs first.
For me it is hard to say what the exact style is. The songs vary in mood and approach, but I never thought the plot got lost. So where the instrumental title track might be described as a mix of old school soul (because of the melodies played on brass) with fusion, Red Clay rocks a lot more and has some very tasty playing by Paul Nelson. Scott has a touching vocal too, as for instance the song Ghostrider proves. Also it is another example of the amalgam of influences present.

So a very likeable collection of songs, presented with class and flawless taste. A recommended listen!