Y&T, Facemelter, 2010

Y&T - FacemelterFor a band that has been around since the 1970´s, Y&T have aged remarkably well. You might know Dave Meniketti is a fabulous guitar player (his tone and feel are exemplary), but also his voice is still very powerful and will put many youngsters to shame. If you are familiar with the band (everybody else, you just GOTTA hear fan favs Rescue Me and I Believe In You), you will have a pretty good clue as to what to expect. Yes, the boys still stick to their favourite guns and deliver another hard rocking album.

Always on the lookout for songs that will work great live, the party theme is never far away. Rocking tracks to bang along to, or another blistering ballad to get the juices going. The band know where they stand and where they are good at and are able to fulfil the expectations. Maybe not earthshaking, but never dull. So that also explains why they still maintain a healthy live schedule and have survived to this day. In some respects they might be the dinosaur dragon as portrayed on the cover, but full of fire they surely are.

So rock solid, entertaining and full of great playing and singing. Days could be worse!