Yukon Blonde, On Blonde, 2015

yukon blonde - on blondeWell, this is a nice surprise! Indie pop might not be the right flag for this, but I do understand that tag. There is something deliciously eighties new wavey about this album. Combined with pop melodies and bits and pieces of rock! That makes for an album that will fill the dance floor in no time and still has enough artistic credibility to withstand serious listening. This is accessible and filled with irresistible hooks and melodies. Too hard to resist.

The press sheet uses references as Depeche Mode and Beck but Yukon Blonde travel beyond. Be it with their lead single Saturday Night, synth driven tracks like Starvation or the tracks like Como and I Wanna Be Your Man where the guitar is coming a bit more to the front, the band have created something damn catchy. It also made me think a bit of a band like Foxy Shazam. Maybe not so much in style, but more so in attitude and swagger.

Not quite sure how many releases they have to their name, but sure thing I hope this will not be the last I will hear from them. For now I will enjoy these 10 songs and 40 minutes of melodic delight and recommended you give this a try!