Zingo, Zingo, 2015

zingoI can almost hear you think, Zingo? Well, a little surprise maybe then, because one the of members is guitarist Keith Scott, who has been playing with one Bryan Adams for decades. And you guessed it, Zingo was his band preceding that. This album is a remaster of a hard to find release from way back, and also features 2 never before released songs.

The music is melodic rock that because of the progressive elements sometimes borders into pomp. And it is a pretty good album for lovers of the genre too. Of course it has a firmly rooted seventies sound, but it sounds fresh nevertheless. There are some special treats like sax solos, hammond organ, a Keith Scott who is on fire, and the vocals and vocal harmonies are up to par as well. The songs are well balanced, and I must say that especially when they inject extras, they really create some top notch stuff.

So I am pretty sure that any aficionado will be delighted with this now unearthed gem and label Renegade Sounds can be proud of it.